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FREE $750 1st edition 3 Volume Book Set

For the remainder of this year only (2014), anyone who signs up for a lengthy Euro 1000 personal or Skype problem solving conference with Grandpa, will receive an original, signed by the author, special collector’s numbered copy of Grandpa’s celebrated, prize winning 3 volume, leather bound 1st Edition of Bye Bye Big Brother –the $750 value book read by most millionaires and Billionaires.

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Final Days of the PTsecrets SALE!

While we have been building the new PT & Privacy Secrets Web (PTsecrets WEB) from ground up, you might have notice the sale on Grandpa’s books and reports?

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Canceling Automatic Withdrawals

We have all been in that same place. We want to get out of a bad deal or to stop previously authorized automatic monthly withdrawals from our bank account –or charges to our credit card. The counter-party either doesn’t respond, or tries endlessly to talk you out of canceling.

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How to Get Rich & Stay Rich

I probably had a big advantage over Mark Ford. Ambition. I was the poorest scholarship kid in a rich kid’s prep school. For that reason and others, at an early age, I wanted to become very very rich. At 14, I set myself the goal that I would have $30,000,000 by the time I was 30.


IS THERE ANOTHER WAY (besides Renunciation of USA Citizenship)?

Renouncing your citizenship is one legal way to free yourself from the global U.S. tax net. But if you have unrealized capital gains, it may be quite expensive because you are expected to pay a capital gains “exit tax” as of the day you expatriate.

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Why Swiss Banks are no longer 1st choice

Under heavy pressure from international regulators after the global financial crisis, Switzerland has agreed to phase out its long tradition of banking secrecy. As Switzerland’s long-cherished banking secrecy practices evaporate, the institutions that helped create the world’s largest offshore tax haven are dramatically rethinking their business models in a bid to survive.


No inflation?

No inflation? — renouncing US citizenship was free of charge until a couple of years ago. Then, overnight, the State Department imposed a $450 fee. Yesterday they increased it once again– to $2,350. That’s a 422% increase. The State Department whined that the costs of processing renunciations had become too high; a government which denies inflation even exists would complain about the consequences of it.

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Maybe there is good reason to be paranoid over what the USA government can see & take from you, even if you are not an “American Person”….Uncle Sam now grabbing all info stored in the cloud– Will they use it against anyone, even foreigners with no USA connections?


Too Many Opportunities?

There are SOOOO many opportunities I see every day. For instance, there was a recentlypublished foto of hundreds, maybe thousands of abandoned motorboats in Lampedusa Harbors & on beaches – Lampedusa is an Italian island off the coast of Africa.



Gold dropped in value around 90% in Europe after the new world discoveries by the Spanish. Pearls, once worth much more than diamonds became nearly worthless, dropping in value even more after “cultured pearls” were invented. This was in recent times (Living memory!)

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