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But all countries won’t necessarily follow the lead of the G­20, EU or USA if they can gain revenue and productive new citizens by making their own rules favorable to wealthy interests. Liechtenstein, Delaware, Nevada, Monaco, Bermuda, Bahamas, Uruguay, and Panama are just a few of the jurisdictions that try to find & satisfy the needs of prospective client­residents. It may be necessary for individuals to take both themselves and their assets out of their present jurisdiction to preserve their freedom, privacy and wealth. That is what the book Bye Bye Big Brother is all about.… Read More

Lesson in Family Wealth Creation & Preservation

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Moral of the story to me is that rich can be terminated very quickly. The wealth of this family came from agricultural exports. When they stopped, their income stopped. I suppose international diversification, a lower level lifestyle & and a few million Gold coins socked away in Switzerland might have staved off the end of this family’s prosperity…… Read More


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Here is one place where subjective considerations may be more important than economic. In other words: Are you old and rich enough to pay a premium for no hassle convenience– or would you rather work a little and make some serious money?… Read More


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Very few individuals can be successful entrepreneurs – and they are the only ones who make serious fortunes. Those who never started out hungry &/or those who had their assets handed to them are generally consumers of wealth and not wealth builders. It remains to be seen if the newest fadfor the wealthy – -”The Family Office” will make any difference in preserving fortunes through the generations. My guess is that it won’t. Why?… Read More

Can I Travel on a World Service Authority Passport?

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Grandpa at one time purchased a handsome, deluxe $300 model WSA leather bound passport and found it absolutely worthless for travel. But it had one redeeming use: In sleazy 3 overnight in an unattended open hotel reception desk pigeon hole ­­­where it could be stolen with ease.… Read More


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The bottom line as we see it: Any American or other Big Brother subject, living the PT life and/or traveling the world on a 3rd World passport like that of Belize or Honduras can now be stopped and arrested anywhere. If he does not fit the profile & live permanently in the country of the passport he carries, his goose may be cooked.… Read More


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What Frank Abigail tells the reader on this matter is still true and his experience with the Italian Authorities in charge to verify his proceedings are a recommended reading. But I would not advise to follow his example and have the answers to the Police suggested by Your lawyer. Not all policemen are bored or in haste or willing to close two eyes on Your language skills and the discovery that You don’t really understand what You are told could lead You into trouble.… Read More

Why Swiss Banks are no longer 1st choice

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Under heavy pressure from international regulators after the global financial crisis, Switzerland has agreed to phase out its long tradition of banking secrecy. As Switzerland’s long-cherished banking secrecy practices evaporate, the institutions that helped create the world’s largest offshore tax haven are dramatically rethinking their business models in a bid to survive.… Read More

No inflation?

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No inflation? — renouncing US citizenship was free of charge until a couple of years ago. Then, overnight, the State Department imposed a $450 fee. Yesterday they increased it once again– to $2,350. That’s a 422% increase. The State Department whined that the costs of processing renunciations had become too high; a government which denies inflation even exists would complain about the consequences of it.… Read More

Israel as a PT Destination

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“Jerusalem is crammed with tourists. Even Latin American Jews jet over these days to Bar/Bat Mitvah their kids before the Wailing Wall. New hotels are sprouting everywhere: a Waldorf Astoria here, a David’s Crown there, a Herod’s Palace beyond, although the venerable old King David still lords it over them all with its marble ‘carpet’ signed by famous guests Presidents Ford and Carter, Kissinger, Chirac, and Maggie Thatcher. The city’s new shopping paradise, The Mamilla Mall, which links the Old City to modern West Jerusalem, boasts the trendiest Fifth Avenue stores–Gap, Nike, Adidas, to say nothing of Apple, Cartier, and H. Stern.… Read More


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You are faced with a problem. Or you have a goal. There are always many options, or paths. You can always decide “not to decide.” That means: “Do nothing.” Inertia is strong force.

Some problems do get resolved on their own. However, efficient decision makers seldom sit tight and do nothing – ignoring dangers, opportunities or unfolding facts.… Read More


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In this Grandpa Gem, we will show you why “structured investment products” will almost always be guaranteed losers for you. Let’s start with “traditional annuities,” then go on to “Structured Guaranteed No Loss Deals.” Finally, we will discuss Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Discretionary Banker Investment Funds & finally, “new issues.” New Issues are not great either, but may be the least bad of the lot.… Read More

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