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But all countries won’t necessarily follow the lead of the G­20, EU or USA if they can gain revenue and productive new citizens by making their own rules favorable to wealthy interests. Liechtenstein, Delaware, Nevada, Monaco, Bermuda, Bahamas, Uruguay and Panama are just a few of the jurisdictions that try to find & satisfy the needs of prospective client­residents. It may be necessary for individuals to take both themselves and their assets out of their present jurisdiction to preserve their freedom, privacy and wealth. That is what the book Bye Bye Big Brother is all about.

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Lesson in Family Wealth Creation & Preservation

Moral of the story to me is that rich can be terminated very quickly. The wealth of this family came from agricultural exports. When they stopped, their income stopped. I suppose international diversification, a lower level lifestyle & and a few million Gold coins socked away in Switzerland might have staved off the end of this family’s prosperity…

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Here is one place where subjective considerations may be more important than economic. In other words: Are you old and rich enough to pay a premium for no hassle convenience– or would you rather work a little and make some serious money?

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Very few individuals can be successful entrepreneurs – and they are the only ones who make serious fortunes. Those who never started out hungry &/or those who had their assets handed to them are generally consumers of wealth and not wealth builders. It remains to be seen if the newest fadfor the wealthy – -”The Family Office” will make any difference in preserving fortunes through the generations. My guess is that it won’t. Why?

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Who Should Read BBBB or Use Grandpa’s Consulting Services?

Another advantage is that I can and will save you from all the crooks, con-men and useless Gurus and products on the NET.

 You will get unlimited contact with me,+ all my books and writings relevant to your divorce or Biz deals at no extra charge.

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How to Avoid Crooks & Idiots !!!

Your Good Name is even more important than your customer list! “Never, ever give up complete, 100% control of your brand,” Not your name, not your book or seminar titles, not your logo, not your likeness. Not even any original philosophy like in my own case “PT” or “Six Flags.”None of it, because it s all you have.

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Can I Travel on a World Service Authority Passport?

Grandpa at one time purchased a handsome, deluxe $300 model WSA leather bound passport and found it absolutely worthless for travel. But it had one redeeming use: In sleazy 3 overnight in an unattended open hotel reception desk pigeon hole ­­­where it could be stolen with ease.

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