Questionnaire for Potential PTs

The PT Life is not for everyone.

It is not even for the average person.

It is not “normal” for people to leave friends and

security behind to explore new frontiers.

How about you?

“I really want to leave my home country. Where should I go?”

Grandpa says: Quite literally, there is a world of possibilities out there, each full of richness and opportunity. But as you could imagine, it depends on what kind of person you are. What would be a great expat haven for some will seem like a hellish nightmare to others? Over the years I have seen many expats roaming in and out of different countries around the world. The possibilities are endless.

(Possible Value over $3000) is offered to anyone who has bought & read any book or Special Report from “Grandpa. Any e-mail answers or comments from Grandpa could be a life changer for you or any friend who wants to learn about the many options available to make them healthier, wealthier, wiser and HAPPIER.

You probably never considered many of the wonderful opportunities available to you. Fill out this questionnaire to get a few suggestions –free. – For very sensitive or confidential stuff we have another address available.You really can re-start your life, change your career situation or get out of messy relationships or unhappy job situations. You may want to relocate to a welcoming new country and have a great new life. How to do it? Use the PT Six Flags “invented” by us and maybe also some personalized info from Grandpa to you.

Let’s not waste each other’s time, however. My suggestions are mostly for ambitious (or retired), independent thinking people with enough assets to live on for at least two years —or good earning power. I am a retiree myself. After a 50 year search for the perfect places to live, love and best investments. I have walked the walk and along the way have shown many PTs how to make serious money. I am familiar with your needs & have resolved problems like yours.


We don’t need to know your real name and address! Your first free tip as a potential PT is to protect your own privacy. How? Never use your real name or home address in initial correspondence with an unknown person you encounter. Including me! A referral through a trusted old friend is one thing. Remember this! People you meet on the Internet or at a bar, etc. could be dangerous. We have some free and inexpensive digital material you can receive anonymously. Why trust Grandpa? DON’T!

For correspondence with us, choose a pseudonym or “pen name.”  So we recognize and remember you, make it a name like  “Panama Pete.” We don’t care much for names or addresses like “m4n6c9X.” Why? Because they don’t ring any familiar bells with us. Please: Use the same recognizable & memorable email address in all correspondence or Skype conversations with us.  Suggestions?  Like “Ronnie Redbeard” or “Nicky Nice.” Do the same with anyone else where you should have or want anonymity.

Later on, we may get to know each other, meet & even become trusted friends. Then we can use “real” names. But that is way down the road. Never trust strangers.

We too are in a cautious mode. There are people “out there” who might seek to entrap or swindle us. That is one of the reasons we have to be careful of new contacts. There are far too many scammers & loose cannons on the Internet.

Are we on the same wavelength?

Maybe and maybe not. To find out, you should be familiar with our PT Theory and the “six flags.” How?  By reading “PT,” BBBB, Bye Bye Big Brother & if applicable, PTOO, Portable Trades, and Offshore Opportunities. Preferably all three books. We guarantee they will help you cope successfully with all the problems of life- Making and keeping the money, having a better sex life, paying minimum taxes or alimony, avoiding lawyers & con-artists, staying healthier and in general—having a very happy, long & prosperous life!

But first, have a go at the following Questionnaire. Short evaluation is free!

In order for you to receive the best possible service and not miss any important e-mail messages from us, we also ask that you consider ‘whitelisting’ our domain and e-mail addresses. That will serve to reduce the likelihood of a message going to your Spam or Junk folder and causing delays in communication.

Now to our Preliminary (free Questionnaire): All questions asked of Grandpa will be answered confidentially in a short email without further charge for our book- buyers only.

Answer only questions you are comfortable answering.

Here are questions that will help you clarify and attain your own goals:

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