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FAQ: Are the details in the BBBB volumes the same as in some other reports?

I want to cover all the bases but do not want duplicate information. I respect what you have accomplished and are willing to share. You yourself said there are many people trying to copy you.  So as a potential purchaser I am wanting to know the information. thank you very much.

The answer is the same as to the reader who asked if everything is up to date…?

The short answer is that :::

What Grandpa writes at 9AM may be out of date by 9-01 AM— in some instances, but the basic PT ideas from 1990 is good now, and with tweaking will probably be good forever.

Thus, potential PTs should read everything in chronological order.

Why? Because to understand the past is the only way to understand the present & predict the future.

If the reader has no time to be really well 100% informed, then just read Bye Bye Big Brother and also ESCAPE!

And of course my latest articles, like Grandpa Gems, etc.

Grandpa gives a free consultation to all readers so that any specific action they want to take can be run by and either recommended or vetoed.

Obviously, and for instance, if somebody is thinking of paying a scammer $50,000 for a Jamaica or Belize “investor’s passport” Grandpa will tell them that those programs are long dead & they should not throw their money down a toilet.

Grandpa is the only author we know of that will appear like a genie and answer short reader questions by email…. For free …..

Personal hand-holding & life coaching on a 2 year unlimited consulting agreement is of course not free.

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