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FAQ: Are there any “stand alone” grandpa reports?


Or do you suggest some special reading order to gain full understanding of the whole Permanent Tourist (P.T.) concept.

Yes I get it. Grandpa’s work will offers me options I never thought of & pathways to a happier, healthier, stress free and prosperous life…Exactly what I want.

Do I have to read your whole library if I want to learn more about the PT options I might like to explore?

Answer :::No! Here is how you choose what’s going to be most useful for you.

You should learn about the noose tightening maneuvers that Big Brother has taken in the past Why? To be able to predict & circumvent the next restrictions on your freedom.Like What? Too many potential problems to list them all! A few: Immigration restrictions, currency devaluations, gun controls that will encourage criminals,socialized medicine that will cost you more and get you less service–as it does in England.. New taxes more victimless crimes and a myriad of other things that Big Brother will throw at you next. Grandpa feels you need a basic understanding of the recent past if you want to be prepared for what is coming next. The old PT book, an underground classic best seller by W.G. Hill and the newer Bye Bye Big Brother and Escape! are the most important general information books you should read.

Then if you are looking for ideas on how to make money, PTOO (Portable Trades & Offshore Opportunities) is a stand alone book we offer as a digital download with a money-back guarantee.

Grandpa has also written many “Grandpa Gems”and other reports on tax havens (Monaco & Campione), new citizenships & residence deals like Riga Best Deal for Instant EU Residence. Many of our rep[orts are free at our websites <TheRealGrandpa.com> and <FreedomPrivacyWealth.com>. You can read many “stand alone” report in just a few minutes.

Let us know what you think of them!

You do not need to read the whole Grandpa library if you’re interested in residence or citizenship options offered by an individual country or tax haven.

Our Confidential reports and other recent updated reports such as The Monaco Report are the only reports you will need to understand what works for you and what doesn’t work.

These reports can be your first tip-toes–into exploring a wonderful new world of freedom and prosperity.

After reading these reports, you can compare your options and adapt the new ones to your situation. Then you can ask Grandpa questions (for free!) based on your background, education, finances, etc. before wasting any time and money on scammers or impractical non-starters.

If you’re not familiar with the PT philosophy the old basic PT book by W.G. Hill is a good place to start gaining a basic understanding.

Is it out of date? Yes– on some specifics, but it is still applicable and always will be just like Graham & Dodd’s timeless work on picking good stocks (relied upon by Warren Buffet and almost all investors).

PT by Hill was voted the most inspiring book of the 20th Century. It will always be helpful even though it was written nearly thirty years ago. “PT” may be 30 years old, but along with PTOO they are still the basic guides to becoming an international person who can live anywhere, stay as long as he wants, be invisible & earn a good living — anywhere on Earth.

Bye Bye Big Brother and Escape! (the latest update to Bye Bye Big Brother) will give you an excellent up-to-date understanding on all your available options.

The Second Passport Report, Invisible Investor and other related Grandpa reports are more specialized. If you want solid information & good easy reading , they will open up many doors & possibilities you never considered.

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