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FAQ: What should I read & in what order?


Thank you for the wealth of free information on <www.FreedomPrivacyWealth.com>.

Here’s my question:  I found a lot of seemingly outdated Hill books on sites like Amazon and mirror or copycat sites.  I am concerned that their info is outdated ).

Is “<www.FreedomPrivacyWealth.com>” the official site to order Grandpa’s most recent stuff from?


I have read many books on similar topics, but this  P.T. concept  is new and seems very applicable to me. So here is another question….

Should I start with the originals in the Hill CD collection ****YES!****or jump right to BBBB (I.E. does BBBB make the earlier Hill set redundant or outdated)?


Also, is your CD collection ALL up to date (I see auction sites list 4th editions of The Passport Report, etc.) ?

****Grandpa says, any published information as of 2013-2014 on instant 2nd Passports for purchase is likely to be a scam or government honeypot. The very few remaining honest opportunities are never publicized on the NET or in print. The recent Passport Reports we have seen from various self-appointed GURUS are worthless. Yes,  there are a few vastly overpriced investor passports like St. Kitts, Dominica, Macedonia & Panama. They do not usually work out as they are cracked up to be.  And a few deals that so far have not worked at all like Uruguay. See what I have to say in Grandpa’s Gems and other of my reports. ****

If I read BBBB, is there a similar group called The Grandpa Collection, Grandpa Gems or something like that?  ***SEE ANSWER BELOW***

There are a lot of “PT” books so I hope some chronology suggestions would make navigation slightly more coherent for me. Thank you and I look forward to reading everything you recommend!

****Editor Comment: Unlike most  dry and boring “lawyer”  books on these subjects, Grandpa’s books and reports [Yes, “Grandpa’s Gems]  are very easy-fast reading. They are full of humorous anecdotes and personal experiences. We know you will like them and all carry our iron clad money back guaranty.****


Further Answer from The Real Grandpa in Monaco-Nov. 1st 2013

Thanks a lot for the very good comments and questions. In my opinion, if you want to understand how and why things are, and where the future will take you, it is a very good idea to understand the way things were in the past. That is why we still sell the original Historic PT Collectionby W.G.Hill . These books & reports started the PT movement way back around 1990. This CD or download has been updated by later books and reports, and new ideas and ways to cope with Big Brother are being formulated and written down as you read this. At the time the Passport Report showed dozens of ways to get 2nd Passports cheap or free. Most of those windows of opportunity have since been slammed shut by Big Brother, and if the remaining possibilities were publicized, they would also be closed fast.

The only 2nd Passport Deals you will see on the Internet are either scams, or soon to be useless. See our free reports on the Bleak Outlook for Passports by Purchase, and Toxic Americans. We suggest you ignore the plagiarists and copy-cats who have never walked the walk -as Grandpa has for the past 50 years!

In a world where Big Brother Governments are insolvent and going bankrupt, they are seeking to tax and regulate citizens and residents till they choke. Anything written today could be outdated by tomorrow. But the basic PT concept remains: If you don’t like the games your government is playing, you can STILL pick up your chips and leave the table. But it needs to be done discreetly & very carefully, as our reports explain.

A P.T. can live permanently or temporarily anywhere he pleases — except perhaps his birth country or the place where he has significant property known to ex-wives, tax collectors & regulators.

That brings us back to your question: What should I read & in what order “ to get an education on how to find wealth & freedom in an un-free world?

Grandpa says: Start with the Historic PT Collection. But don’t implement the specific suggestions you find there.

Just absorb the mind-set and general philosophy.

Then, read BYE BYE BIG BROTHER, PORTABLE TRADES & OFFSHORE OPPORTUNITIES (latest edition), and finally ESCAPE! Then, check out all the Special Reports about places you might consider living in; things you want to do and see. Many of these, especially some “Grandpa’s Gems”  are free. Talking about “Free”  possibly the most valuable freebee you will ever get in your life is your right as a book buyer, to ask and receive advice by e-mail (FREE!)  from Grandpa by E-Mail. Naturally this freebee is not going to be exhaustive hand-holding or personal conferences. Just answers to specific questions about PT or his writings.

If you can afford his 2 year retainer (‚¬15,000), Grandpa takes on one or two consulting clients per year for unlimited hands-on personal guidance for as long as needed on all questions relating to life, love, 2nd Passports, Citizenship, Renunciation, Military Service, where to live in complete freedom, how to invest and preserve wealth (or make money) and above all, how to avoid the heavy hand­ of Big Brother. Above all, Grandpa & his writings will keep you out of the hands of crooks, thieves, scammers, and Big Brother.

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