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Once in a while, maybe 2 times a year, we can give a “scholarship” to some interesting guy who does not have any money, but may at least have something interesting to trade. Either knowledge, or ???

Sometimes I will send a download “on approval” which means, “pay for it after you have read it and maybe used it to improve your life or make some money…”

I never give conferences (free or otherwise) to people who have not read my basic books. Why?

Because there are too many dreamers out there who have unrealistic world views.

They keep asking questions having no relationship to the “P.T.” way of life.


“What can I do to become a millionaire in one year without any effort ?”
“Can you give me a sure-fire investment where I will double my money every week or so?”

Fact is there are answers to these questions, but accomplishing the objectives will involve effort, plus knowledge, understanding & a new attitude..

To make money, we must find a need and fill it. It is that simple. Very few people can implement this concept to make money — without a lot of help.

Those most receptive to our ideas are usually already successful and independent in a modest way.

They can use us to get exponentially better at what they do. Often we can suggest options that they never considered.

Most of this stuff is in my books and “grandpa Gems.”

We can’t afford to deal with wishful thinkers who are broke. Why?

Too often they are like barren rock-soil where seeds will never take root because they are set in their negative ways & reject any helpful ideas.

We have expenses & overhead, and need to pay attention to our cash-flow.

This means responding thoroughly to customers who are willing to pay for our valuable books and services… Politely declining to deal with the rest.

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