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1) Because it’s free & there is nothing to lose.

2) If you don’t get valuable and useful info you will use to make more money and enjoy life more, you can always unsubscribe with a click…

3) We don’t share our list of subs with anyone and we don’t send out spam.

4) You won’t get information overload from us, maybe once a week or so we’ll send you something interesting,

5) By signing up you can access our member’s pages and look only at topics that interest you.

Note: Anyone can put up a website on the internet and provide bogus information or sell worthless products and services. It is up to you to look over our material and determine for yourself that we offer the real thing to contrarians and others like you who don’t want to follow the stupid public over a cliff.

We will give you free membership access to reports and other goodies not available anywhere else. We also encourage your participation and comments. As Benjamin Franklin said, “If we don’t hang together, we will hang separately.” We are a serious self-improvement outfit, and won’t publish any flaming, or hate stuff.

We offer free, no strings access to “Grandpa’s Best Material.” He is the worlds leading expert on PT matters and he is the originator of the P.T. concept. If you don’t know what a P.T. is or if it is your cuppa tea, we suggest you go here and read about P. T. “PERPETUAL TRAVELER”. It is free.

We can keep you out of trouble with Big Brother. We will help you avoid scammers. Lots of people still fall for the Nigerian schemes. You are probably too smart for that but the “gloom and doom boys” and sophisticated scammers might be able to fool you. It is very easy too pay thousands of Euros or dollars for a bogus second passport, foreign 2nd residence or offshore banking introduction. We show you how to get these things for free or at a nominal payment.

How do we make money? Once, only after you have enjoyed plenty of free samples, and after you are very sure that we are for real; Then sure, we have e-books, printed books, and consultation services for sale. These are –often “on approval.” That means if you so choose, you get the product first and are not charged. You pay only what it is worth to you. Whew? What else can we do for you?

We are the only outfit in the world offering expert guidance and life-improvement on a no-risk basis. Just fill out the form below and Get ready, be prepared for some life changing info.

Make more money, eliminate hassles with the Bureau-rats, have a 287% better sex life, have more fun, laugh more, see the world, be 32% healthier & 89% happier! (Just joking if you haven’t figured that out yet)…

P.S. Last chance! You’d kick yourself if you knew what you were missing by not joining in!

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