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By P. Trevellian & Others…

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Excerpts, Composite Review-Edited & Updated in Italics to 5 June 2011

Have you ever pondered these important questions?

·  Am I happy doing exactly what I’m doing?

·  Am I living with the people I want to be with — in the places I love most? 

·  Am I making all the money I need or want?

·  Am I achieving all the goals I once set for myself?

·  Do I have reasonable goals now –and a plan and time-frame for achieving them?

·  Am I close to achieving personal freedom from a Big Brother Government?

“PT” says:

Over the years I have discovered that certain powerful and fundamental ideas form the basis of both a sound freedom philosophy and practical freedom strategies.

Ayn Rand the famous libertarian author defined the ethics of rational self-interest as being a prerequisite to a free society “ She observed that it is perfectly moral to seek your own happiness.

W.G. Hill’s former editor, now writing as  “Grandpa” is another Libertarian influenced by Rand defined and articulated the 6 flags strategy – which lays out a practical way of living free in an un-free world, by making use of different nations (flags) to achieve your desired ends.

The above thinkers have contributed massively to what I call my freedom ammunition – an arsenal of intellectual ideas and practical strategies that will assist you on the road to your own personal freedom.

I have no doubt they are responsible for the achievement of my own goals…

Here’s my  story. by “D. M. Gregor,”

Back in 1996 I was in dire financial straits. In fact I was technically bankrupt – as a result of a number of business failures. The end result was I lost my house, had no money, and was $35,000 in debt. And what I remember most about those dark days, was that each failure in turn generated another failure. It was as if I was in a downward spiral from which I could not escape.

It wasn’t until I had no options left that I found a way out. In my case the catalyst was reading the book PT by W.G. HillA later version  and update of this book was  Bye Bye Big Brother by Grandpa.

His ideas gave me a different view of how I could live my life. The reason this book so impressed me was that it revealed several things I didn’t know were possible.

1.     I could live my life without paying income tax “ legally.

2.     I could escape the heavy hand of regulation/oppression by simply choosing more hospitable jurisdictions.

That idea grabbed me by the throat. I had been pondering on how I was ever going to escape my problems and pay off my debts: The harder I worked the more  I was taxed and regulated. I was angry at the idea the government could tax and punish me “ just for for trying hard to be a good, productive person.

W.G. Hill’s & Grandpa’s 6 flag strategy showed me a clear path forward.

With these ideas in my hands, and his specific suggestions in my mind,

 I suddenly found the motivation to get off my posterior and extricate myself  from a mentally and financially depressed situation. In fact being exposed to Bye Bye Big Brother was the tipping point …

It ended my downward spiral and set me free on a new and happier path.

What happened to me could be of equal importance to you.

 I had long been a fan of self improvement books. I have an extensive library of such books to prove it! Thus, I knew the  power of the mind and positive thinking in the process of achieving what one wants in life…

As soon as I experienced my PT epiphany it created a clear goal in my mind – to sally forth on a new course in life; to, at a single step, free myself from the shackles of income tax and bureaucratic over-regulation. My new ideas took life and began attracting into my life all the right information, circumstances, opportunities and people.

Within a couple of weeks I had landed a new job, teaching.

That in itself turned my mind around to the positive.

But it didn’t stop there. Next, I had the idea of starting a business offering PT information “ with the approval of Grandpa and Hill.

Nobody else was doing it at the time.

Now there are many imitators “ but few if any have walked the (PT) walk as we all did.

From that seed of an idea grew my first publishing venture “ an international newsletter, and offshore banking package.

That was 1997. A year later I transferred my business to the internet “ I became, like Grandpa.

A PT author and consultant.


First read Bye Bye Big Brother. Follow that with Portable Trades & Offshore Opportunities by Grandpa.

Then ask yourself this rhetorical question:

What would I do with the rest of my life if money was no object?

In other words, if you can transport yourself in your imagination to a situation where you have unlimited money and can escape the limitations of Big Brother – what sort of goals would you have? What sort of things would you do? What sort of limits would you place on yourself? If you think this through carefully, you’ll realize your goals can stretch as far as your imagination – when set free of monetary constraints!

Perhaps money, or lack of it, is a primary contributing factor in your quest for more freedom and happiness – or for anything else in life. Or perhaps it is the suffocating rules and regulations you are compelled to operate under in the places you live or do business. How many times have you been presented with an opportunity to do or achieve something great and good, only to to find yourself saying no for these reasons.

The truth is, freedom is all about choices “ You have the ability to make choices about how you will live your life. You can find freedom in an un-free world if you know how to do it. Money and the jurisdictions where you live, work, play and have legal passports gives you choices. The more money you have and the more international you are, the more choices you have. It’s as simple as that. Freedom, like any other goal in life, can be achieved. Grandpa’s Bye Bye Big Brother is a handbook on how to make money and how to find freedom in an un-free world

You need to feel and taste the life you aspire to. And you need to change the neural pathways in your brain – to imprint your desired goal into your consciousness. Think freedom to achieve freedom. The key is belief. Actions will automatically follow. You have to know it’s possible. You have to be convinced you will achieve your goals.

You will need access to freedom tools “ offshore bank accounts, asset protection, investments and the right residency and passports. But first, you need an all encompassing vision of where you want to be – in order to drive the engine of your motivation. Without such motivation you will simply read about all these freedom strategies without acting – without doingGrandpa’s books supply the inspiration and your basic plan (out“without more).

If needed, Grandpa offers personal assistance to his readers in formulating and implementing a sensible plan for achieving goals. To get his excellent books, scroll down this page and choose the Grandpa’s books you like to download for free.

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