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These questions is answered in the

Bye Bye Big Brother book:

Bye Bye Big Brother Free DownloadANONYMOUS COMMUNICATION – I must communicate with people in such a way that nobody can prove (or even guess) where the message came from, and so nobody can monitor what I say or write. Nor should anyone ever be able to find the message, or any record of it, or be able to prove it came from me. How do I do it?

ANONYMOUS BANKING AND ASSET PROTECTION – I want to protect my assets in such a way that nobody knows if they even exist, never mind where they came from or where they are now. Yet I want to have instant access at all times, and when I die, I want my assets to go to the people or good causes I have chosen without being taxed. How can I do this?

DISAPPEARING – I want to simply abandon my present life, start over, leave my troubles behind and resurface somewhere else – with a new identity, new girlfriend, new everything. How do I do it? CHANGE LOCATION – Where can I move my existing business to get away from lawsuits? Over-regulation, union problems, taxes and all other problems? Is there anywhere without Big Brother restrictions on hiring and firing employees?

DIVORCE – My spouse has a new friend I suspect they will try to take me to the cleaners. Show me a strike-first strategy to ride out the coming storm. In other words, how can I get rid of my spouse and keep all my money?

Government problems – I think I will be framed in a criminal tax case. What are my odds of winning? How can I negotiate a plea bargain? What should I do to prepare?

Jail term looming – What are my options? What should I do?

FACING EXTRADITION – Show me the ways to avoid extradition and rendition. How to survive, be free, prosper and live happily ever after in paradise?

Sex LIFE – Even if I am past my sell-by date, show me the best ways and places to find attractive new partners. How can I get more love faster, more easily and without financial or health risks? Second passports – Discover 37 different countries where you can still get second passports useful for identification, banking, and travel.

FREE MONEY, LAND, AND OTHER CONCESSIONS JUST FOR MOVING THERE? 22 countries where you can get grants, free land, no-strike guarantees, tax concessions, and other benefits.

BUYING A SECOND PASSPORT – The USA, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, and several other industrialized countries allow wealthy individuals to make passive (or active) investments and get on the fast track for residence and citizenship. The USA program hasn’t done so well because no one wants to be saddled with the most expensive passport in the world. But there are several ways to get a USA passport and then leave the country – all without being saddled with a lifetime of high taxes on your worldwide income. Discover how you can be a USA citizen, but not one for tax purposes.

BANKRUPT, BROKE, SIXTY-PLUS, NO WORK EXPERIENCE, NO DECENT REFERENCES. HOW CAN I LIVE LIKE A MILLIONAIRE ON MY CHARM ALONE? This is a bonus question asked for those who qualify for these secrets. It took weeks of brainstorming for the multi-millionaires to agree about these almost bullet-proof ways to make money and live the jet set life without any prior knowledge or investment.

(plus answers to 86 other life-critical questions)

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