Get your Unseen strong encryption communications

Get your Unseen strong encryption communications

There are a few people who don’t want to have a powerful tool like encryption in the hands of mere ordinary people who want to protect their privacy. Unseen’s encryption protects businesses and individuals throughout the world, people facing persecution and death, those sharing important news, individuals and businesses.

Many new services are claiming end-to-end encryption for their services, but how secure are they really? In our opinion, if your are based in a country like the U.S., (we’re in Iceland!), you will be subject to all kinds of backdoors.

This week, Hacker News had a story about the Blackberry, yes, the same one used by Presidents and business big shots and thought to be impenetrable to hacking. “Canadian Police Obtained Master Key to Crack Blackberry Messenger Encryption”. It was a pretty good system until about 2010 when they handed over a Master Key to the local authorities. It’s probably a good bet that all the biggest services based in the US and UK have had to do this as well.

Grandpa Grants You 3 Wishes

Unseen has never and won’t ever create a master key to get into your accounts. You generate your own key and protect it with your password (and a few other things we toss in). We don’t have access to this. If someone wants your messages, they will need to talk to you. This is another reason why we are based in Iceland…it’s all for your protection. It’s a lot of extra work, and a bit of extra cost, but we think it’s worth it.

This is one reason why it costs more. We don’t sell your data, like Google and the other giant free services. We decided to host in a place that protects privacy and where the people have outstanding moral character. They stand up for what’s right and to protect innocent people from being spied on.

Now is the time to get this service, we think it’s never going to be easier than today to get your Unseen strong encryption communications. Today, you can use credit cards, paypal and bitcoin, and it’s hard to know when those payment methods will no longer work to purchase online security that’s this good. So if you’re still undecided, click below and purchase an account or upgrade and support a truly 100% private, secure, and encrypted service.


The new Lifetime 5 Accounts come with FIVE email accounts and 10gb of space for only $99 USD.  That’s actually an amazing deal and it’s designed for families, businesses and small groups.  If you have an annual account or even the old Lifetime 2 Account, it’s only $50 to get upgraded to the new Lifetime 5 Account.  Our new 5 Account Lifetime is also a great way to communicate with your friends, family and business associates, with security and privacy.

Get started right now and be sure to share this link with your friends:


(From the Unseen news and, republished here)

[But all countries won’t necessarily follow the lead of the G­20, EU or USA if they can gain revenue and productive new citizens by making their own rules favorable to wealthy interests. Liechtenstein, Delaware, Nevada, Monaco, Bermuda, Bahamas, Uruguay, and Panama are just a few of the jurisdictions that try to find & satisfy the needs of prospective client­residents. It may be necessary for individuals to take both themselves and their assets out of their present jurisdiction to preserve their freedom, privacy, and wealth. That is what the book Bye Bye Big Brother is all about.]

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