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Canceling Automatic Withdrawals

We have all been in that same place. We want to get out of a bad deal or to stop previously authorized automatic monthly withdrawals from our bank account –or charges to our credit card. The counter-party either doesn’t respond, or tries endlessly to talk you out of canceling.

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No inflation?

No inflation? — renouncing US citizenship was free of charge until a couple of years ago. Then, overnight, the State Department imposed a $450 fee. Yesterday they increased it once again– to $2,350. That’s a 422% increase. The State Department whined that the costs of processing renunciations had become too high; a government which denies inflation even exists would complain about the consequences of it.

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Maybe there is good reason to be paranoid over what the USA government can see & take from you, even if you are not an “American Person”….Uncle Sam now grabbing all info stored in the cloud– Will they use it against anyone, even foreigners with no USA connections?


"Retirement Favourites of Kathleen Peddicord"

The article praising PANAMA as a whole was written/inspired by Katherine Peddicord who, with her husband Leaf, is profiting from her properties, seminars & immigration services there in Panama. Thus, you would expect her to accentuate the positive & not elaborate on the negatives. We liked Panama but it gets nowhere near as good a score in my book as say some of our choices in the French Riviera, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia or Switzerland. In Panama, you’ll find (outside of selected upscale communities) Garbage strewn all over the place. Garbage is uncollected — as in Naples.

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"How the Super-Rich Hijacked the World and How We Can Take It Back".

What’s so bad about us being able to take your own tax paid – hard earned money anywhere we please to shelter it from the kind of government confiscation we have just seen in Cyprus?)

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Economics Lesson by Gary North as reprinted in Lew Rockwell

Grandpa says: Yes, it makes perfect sense. In Economics 101 you learn about the ‘velocity of money’ theory and that is why the stimulus package has worked pretty well so far and, in the end, for the most part, won’t cost “future generations” anything.

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