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PT “Perpetual Traveler” PT BOOK


The famous out of print collector’s 1985 Classic Edition of the original…

The ultimate way to avoid government control of your life and your property is to become invisible. Ideally, you should never “belong” to any one government.

Big Brother should never know who your are, where you live, how you make your money, where you keep your assets, and perhaps most important, where you like to “play.”

The philosophy behind these ideals is to become a “PT,” that is, a Perpetual Tourist, Parked Temporarily, a Prior Taxpayer who is now a Possibility Thinker and Prepared Thoroughly for the future.

–plus updated material by Grandpa

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The Millionaire’s Favourite Read

The famous out of print collector’s
1985 Classic Edition of the original….

PT Perpetual Traveler

The Original Timeless

“P.T. Book Perpetual Traveler”

by W.G. Hill and Harry Schultz.

Collectible – “P.T. – Perpetual Traveler” by W.G. Hill and Harry Schultz


PT Perpetual TravelerThe Origins of PT

For thousands of years, people in power have been able to con the vast majority into giving their money and even their lives to supposed higher values. Those who become aware of the con are labeled trouble makers. Depending upon the time and circumstances will be ostracized, jailed, tortured or killed.

The wise man or woman always look carefully when asked to give his time, money or even recognition and support to any cause, country, ruler, Emperor, religious-charismatic guru, nation, kinship group, true faith, society, club or lodge, and especially to “society”.

The threat of people acting in their own enlightened and rational self-interest strikes bureaucrats, politicians, social workers and many members of official churches as ominous and dangerous. Usually, with great success, they con everyone into believing that personal sacrifice, unselfishness, service, and subordination to the group are the only virtuous and respectable ways to live.

Individuality and the possibility that people will not always accept the pronunciations of authority are labeled anarchy. Such ideas are strongly discouraged. Rejection of group values is cause for the most severe punishments. This condition has meant that through the ages, every group or organized society has methodically suppressed and destroyed its most original and talented thinkers, just because they were different. The bullies, lunatics, and fanatics who often reach positions of power and leadership find no shortage of underlings willing to wage wars. They persecute those with unpopular views and generally make this world a dangerous and unfree place to live.

Where would you like to live? Who do you want to live with? Would you rather be among people who respect your individuality? People who do not try to change you? People who do not try to force you into an uncomfortable morality or lifestyle? People who do not expect conduct which you do not feel is in your best interests?

The vast majority of people in the world are followers, mere sheep with no particular desire for freedom, nor any wish to be allowed to think for themselves or provide for themselves. They want to have leaders, gurus and to be told exactly what to do and how to think. The majority want someone to take care of them, to make decisions for them and to have the security of belonging to a group, a country, a church, a club that will protect them. They have low levels of self-confidence and a great respect for authority.

They have been conned.

If I have just described you, you have no PT potential. You believe that sacrificing yourself is the only way to live. You don’t have much sense of personal identity, nor any confidence in your own ability to take charge of your own life and achieve anything of importance. You don’t want the freedom to make your own decisions, to come and go as you please.

You probably feel hostile and threatened that anyone else could think differently than you do because, as part of your philosophy, you don’t respect the right of other people to march to different drummers. You are sure that your religion is the only true belief. Deep down you know that only your skin is the right color. You are sure that your morality is where it’s at and at only your country is worth fighting for. Additionally, you feel that everyone should pay his fair share of taxes, even if it hurts. After all, we are on Earth to help our fellow man and we have to do it as a group.

If the above sentiments fit your belief system, don’t bother with the PT philosophy.
This report is not for you! If, however, you can’t follow blindly…

Consider the P.T. Philosophy and it’s 6 Flags.

 Testimonial from “P.T. Newby”

“I was contemplating suicide & at the lowest point in my life when I gambled a hundred bucks on Hill’s P.T. books. The life altering P.T. Plan gave me hope when I needed it. Then, with the author we worked out an escape plan just for me. In six months I was free of creditor’s claims & an unwarranted criminal charge. My divorce was favorably resolved. New-found freedoms abroad eliminated stress & all health problems. Net result? A new start in a new country – New Opportunities & a new life partner-actual picture below. Lost income replaced- and then some. Financial independence, plus happiness achieved. No miracles: All it took was learning the P.T. Secrets, positive attitude, & effort.

Hill’s P.T. Material here, will introduce you to options you never considered. Hopefully, it will change your life — as it did mine.
P.T. Newby , Monaco “



This is based upon an original document as published in The PT Book by W.G. Hill. A few parts have been updated by Grandpa to reflect new historical developments.

You can get this update for free.


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GET P.T. book “Perpetual Traveler”RISK FREE


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All the famous out of print collector’s
Classic Editions of the original…

The Complete works of W.G. Hill and Peter Trevellian on CD.

Plus several Special Surprises!

PT Perpetual Traveler

The famous out of print collector’s 1985 Classic Edition of the original…
PT Book “Perpetual Traveler”

Price Only 39€

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The famous out of print collector’s
1994 Classic Edition of the original…


W.G. Hill PT Collection

PT Book “Perpetual Traveler” is also included on this CD;

Timeless P.T. Classics

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P.T. – Perpetual Tourist

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How To Become An Honorary Consul General

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Timeless P.T. Classics

As a P.T., at 69 years of age, I Found a new life partner

-Her actual 5th Anniversary picture here on CD Album Cover:


W.G. Hill PT Collection


110 99 Select options

The famous out of print collector’s 1985 Classic Edition of the original…

PT Book “Perpetual Traveler”

For Beautiful Women More Money And
Other Good Things In Life,

For Beautiful Women, More Money And Other Good Things In Life


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