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In this report by Grandpa & Others, you’ll find out why you need a second passport or citizenship – and more importantly how you can qualify for one.

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In this report by Grandpa & Others,
you’ll find out why you need a
second passport or citizenship – and
more importantly how you can qualify for one.


The Second Passport Report

THe Second Passport ReportYour new passport will enhance your financial privacy, eliminate taxes, open up investment opportunities, and greatly enhance your personal privacy and safety. It can help you break free to become a Sovereign Individual.

That government may be corrupt, warlike or it may enforce a different morality than yours. We feel it is important to have the paperwork in place to make a move to safe ground when things get uncomfortable where you are.

You never know how or when disaster could strike. It could be something personal like an unjustified lawsuit or even criminal charges. It could be a natural disaster or terrorist attack leading to the local or national breakdown of civil society.

Who knows? Just remember the Boy Scouts’ motto: “Be Prepared.”

Protect Your Assets And Freedom!

For Beautiful Women More Money And

Other Good Things In Life,

For Beautiful Women, More Money And Other Good Things In Life





In this report, based on information from the original Bye Bye Big Brother Black Books and updated for 2010, you will learn things like:
  • Second Citizenships in the World Post 9/11 and Financial Collapse
  • Nine Important Questions to Consider When Obtaining a Second Foreign Passport
  • Different Types of Second Passport Programs
  • Six Wide Open Back Doors to European Passports
  • Banking and Camouflage Passports Explained
  • Fast Track or Instant Economic Citizenship Programs – and How they Work
  • How the Grey Market, Discretion and Corruption Work in the Third World
  • Passport Programs Past and Present from A to Z
  • Passports Through Marriages of Convenience
  • How to Deal with Fixers, Escrow Services and Avoid Scams
  • Little-known documents You Can Use in Lieu of Passports
  • How to Obtain Diplomatic and Service Passports
  • How to Avoid Criminal Methods of Identity Theft and False Passports
  • How to Deal with Immigration and Customs Officials at Border Crossings

Plus you will receive our respected Nationality Law Table, the only one of its kind that reviews dual citizenship, naturalization by residence, citizenship by birth and citizenship by marriage requirements in more than 200 countries! This unique piece of research alone must be worth the cost of the book.

This is the ONLY serious guide to second passports and citizenships that is up to date and available today. It is available for immediate download in e-book format. Plus, when you purchase you will receive a month’s free trial membership of Grandpa’s Gems.


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2010 Revised & Updated Edition.

2010 Revised & Updated Edition by Grandpa & Others


THe Second Passport Report


Here are a few of the most popular reasons why most of our clients are obtaining second passports…


There is a risk that your passport is withheld or cancelled by Big Brother or his agents on “suspicion of a crime” or for political reasons.

In most despotisms or dictatorships, there is no absolute right to travel.

The issuance of a passport is completely within the discretion of bureaucrats. Would you depend upon this sort of passport to get you out of a jam?

Does your existing/present passport limit your investment possibilities and entrepreneurial activities?

Do you find banks refuse your business because of your existing citizenship? Does your existing/present passport expose you to retribution and other dangers? Americans and British oil rig workers were chained to missile targets in Saddam’s Iraq. Swiss, Filipino, and Mexicans stranded there during the recent wars were treated with kid gloves and evacuated.

Does your existing/present passport expose you to income taxes on your worldwide income? Many governments (Paraguay, Bermuda, and Monaco for instance) impose no personal income taxes at all, on local citizens or foreigners, resident or not. Only one nation, the USA, obliges non-resident citizens to pay a third or more of their income in taxes.

  • Does your existing/present passport make you a target for suicide bombers, kidnappers or terrorists?
  • Does your existing/present passport show that you are a citizen of a hated, very unpopular or “pariah” state?
  • Does your existing/present passport force you or your family into unwanted national or military service?
  • Does your existing/present passport limit your freedom of movement?
  • Does your existing/present passport penalize you for changing your legal permanent residence to a tax haven?


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Some passports, like Thai for instance, maybe not very good for visa-free travel but they offer a very decent alternative document for offshore banking and avoiding reporting requirements based on your other citizenship. With Americans and the European Union citizens subject to ever more intrusive bank reporting requirements, wouldn’t you like to be a citizen of a neutral country that does not threaten banks in other sovereign states?




2010 Revised & Updated Edition by Grandpa & Others

THe Second Passport ReportLoving your country is great. Genuine Patriots should be held in high esteem. To be a patriot is to love your own cultures, traditions, and kinsmen. These things should not be confused with being loyal to a perfidious government. You can love your country but not trust its government an inch. The kind of second citizenship you should seek is has nothing to do with severing your cultural or emotional ties. It is about flexibility. A passport is just a legality. It does not affect your interpersonal or cultural relationships.

It affects only your relationship with governments, tax collectors and the like. You (and your family members) need more than one to ensure your survival! Obtaining a second passport from another jurisdiction is not disloyalty. It is only about gaining the mobility and freedom to move out of harm’s way — protecting yourself, your family and your assets from an arbitrary bureaucrat’s evil acts.

Most Americans, for example, have positive feelings for the Constitution of the United States of America. On paper, it’s the most PT-oriented constitution on earth. Unfortunately, this document is largely ignored and these days gets lip service only. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights don’t protect individual rights, personal freedom or anything else anymore.

Holding a foreign passport is by no means an unpatriotic thing to do. In fact, we would say it is very much the ‘American way’. Holding a second passport is all about liberty, self-reliance, and taking care of yourself and your family. It doesn’t change who you are or where you come from one bit (unless you want it to…).

Bye Bye Big Brother’s Second Passport Report will explain your departure options clearly and in detail. Being prepared is not only smart, it could be a life-saving thing for you to do!



Some of the longest running ‘economic citizenship’ programs (ie, quick 2nd passports for cash) such as Ireland, Belize, and Grenada were closed down in days in the wake of 9/11. The excuse was that second passports can be used by terrorists. The reality is something else.

All the 9/11 hijackers were in the USA on their original home country (mostly Saudi) passports with legally issued USA visas. There is no Evidence of ANY suspected terrorists EVER having bought a passport of convenience. And, if you think about it logically, there is no particular reason why they would want to. If you are a potential suicide bomber, why spend $100,000 on a legal second passport when for $1,000 a coyote at the Mexican border will smuggle you into the USA – along with your weapons and even a suitcase nuke if you happen to have one?

No, the reality is governments have realized that second passports can help their top taxpayers to reduce their personal tax burdens. Second passports help these people work internationally or immigrate to start new lives abroad. Second passports especially improve the lot of richer, more productive citizens – by vastly reducing the degree of control that the “home” government has over individuals. That reduction of control is precisely what politicians fear.

That is why the mainstream media is being fed the view that getting a second passport is somehow illegal, unpatriotic or dirty. It is none of these.


GET THE Second Passport Report RISK FREE

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“Get this valuable information instantly-

No risk! No money nor credit card required”

Download The 2nd Passport Report without
any payment or credit card!
The 2nd Passport Report will be sent “on approval” directly upon request.
You don’t pay anything
unless it is worth more to you than its price.

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2010 Revised & Updated Edition by Grandpa & Others

THe Second Passport ReportHow can I get a second legally issued passport? Hasn’t it become much more difficult these days? It has indeed become much more difficult. You have to either spend more money or be a lot more creative than was necessary for the very recent past. But it is possible.

There are four or five main routes to acquiring a second passport. One is instant economic citizenship. Another is by researching your ancestry or following using your religion. Almost one out of every three American citizens, for example, are entitled to second passports due to their ancestry or religion, even though many don’t know it.

A third method is simply moving physically (to Canada for instance) and going through a short (3 year) period of residence (either physical or virtual). A fourth common path to a second passport involves marriage or having a child in a country (like France) that will give parents of a child born there residence permits, travel documents, and eventual citizenship.

Then there is the gray market route – persuading a politician or judge to recognize your unique contributions to his nation with an award of citizenship. Finally, there are other, even more, creative and unusual routes. The Second Passport Report explains them all in depth, covers the advantages and the pitfalls, and also tells you who to contact for reliable assistance in various jurisdictions.

Last but not least, we tell you how to avoid being scammed. The second passport business is a dangerous place full of crooks who take you money and deliver nil, If you don’t have a reliable guide you end up skinned and left hanging in the breeze!


Yes, provided you do it right. But before you try it at home, get specialist advice!

Obviously, there are many illegal ways to obtain second passports, like forgeries, identity theft or the old Day of the Jackal method revealed in the thriller of the same name. These are most emphatically not recommended, though we do cover them in The Second Passport Report because forewarned is forearmed.

In most (but not all) civilized countries dual nationality is permitted. It is a basic human right – and in our globalized world, an increasingly common situation. Almost every baby born of parents of different nationalities is automatically a dual citizen at birth. There is nothing illegal or unusual about it provided you take a few basic steps.

Of course, if you are Cuban or North Korean, you may find that obtaining a second citizenship is illegal however you do it. All the more reason to ditch your original citizenship, then, so that these laws no longer apply to you!



2010 Revised & Updated Edition by Grandpa & Others

THe Second Passport ReportThat basically depends on how urgently you need it, and how much money you have! In rare cases and utilizing the best diplomatic connections that money can buy, you may be able to obtain a second passport almost instantly – that is, within a few weeks.

The best passports are the ones that take longer to obtain. They are also the cheaper options. Expect to wait at least 2-3 years for a South American passport, or 5-6 years for a European Union passport.

These waiting times can sometimes be reduced through marriage or ancestry.

Country by country, from Andorra to Zimbabwe, all is covered in depth in The Second Passport Report.


How much does it cost to obtain a second passport?

If you are lucky enough to be entitled to a second passport due to your ancestry, or for existing religious or family reasons, the cost may be under $1000. Of course, sometimes it is possible to convert to a suitable religion or procreate or marry to change your family circumstances, in which case you could take advantage of these low-cost methods.

Normally, these days, obtaining a new passport is something for upper-middle-class people. It is not cheap. Expect to spend at least $50,000. For a better passport, expect to spend more.

There are some ways to do it cheaper if you have patience and are prepared to work at it a bit. There are also ways to do it more expensive but without you having to lift a finger. Either way, buying Bye Bye Big Brother’s Second Passport Report will be money very well spent as a first step. Using the information and contacts we give you will most likely save you many thousands of dollars and many months of frustration. If, after buying, you don’t agree, you still have a year in which to return the three volumes of the book for a full refund.



Typical documents requested by the majority of countries are:

Birth certificate

Copy of existing passport

Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable)

Copy of divorce decree (if applicable – can be a quickie foreign divorce)

Copy of name change declaration (if applicable)

Medical test results including HIV test

Certificate of no criminal background

Proof of economic solvency and clean funds (bank references)

All above documents should normally be translated into the language of the country you are applying to, notarized and certified by a consular officer or by Apostille.

If you are unable to supply any one of these documents, sometimes alternatives can be accepted. This is usually on a case by case basis but Bye Bye Big Brother will point you in the right direction.


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Does the source where you seek good advice have real experience and knowledge, or is he/she just another fraud or copycat stealing the ideas of others? Or worse yet, just making stuff up as they go along?

Doubtless, this slim volume will be imitated by the usual crowd of plagiarists. As they have never walked the walk, their advice will be mostly worthless. Unlike our imitators, your author Grandpa has been writing similar books and advising hundreds of clients for the last 5 decades. He has personally been through the wringer a few times & has emerged clean and dry and alive.

Fifty years of helping consulting clients successfully work through their problems have taught us a few things. We will be passing on this information to you here… Every paid-up reader who bought this & who needs additional personal help, gets a short, personal free E-mail consultation from Grandpa. Just send Grandpa an e-mail with your questions.

Fugitives have special problems. Now it is time to realize that in these times of universal surveillance, arbitrary arrests, kidnaps, special renditions, torture, prosecutions and even killings of citizens without trial, the rest of us share the same problems as fugitives. We must all learn to shield ourselves from Big Brother governments . . .

Brief Bio- He is a product of the world’s leading business and law schools. But Grandpa doesn’t care much for lawyers and accountants with or without fancy degrees.  He feels that (aside from highly visible active business owners) his clients will do far better without them. Grandpa has been a PT for over forty years having retired young after making very serious fortunes in seven totally unrelated businesses. His books and personal services have been used by a goodly number of the world’s celebrities and  High Net Worth Individuals.

Grandpa accepts a maximum of 5 personal consulting clients per year. His current fee for two years of unlimited consulting is €15,000. A sample e-mail consultation is free for all  BBBB book-buyers. A sample personal consultation otherwise is €1000 & deductible from the two-year fee. Clients can visit or contact Grandpa at any (reasonable) time;  get to know him personally and tap into his expertise and contacts. 

Normally Grandpa can and will resolve all problems relating to residence, citizenship, litigation, domestic relations, and/or the Six Flags. Most importantly, Grandpa will introduce you to reliable sources & keep you out of trouble, far from parasites and fraudsters.


Money Back GuaranteeRemember, our Unconditional, Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee Of Satisfaction if you don’t think this information is worth far more than it’s cost. You don’t risk a dime with my no-questions-asked money back guarantee.



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Grandpa Author of Bye Bye Big BrotherMessage From Grandpa

All of our customers can ask Grandpa one question by email for free. Read More >>>

If you order any of Grandpa”s books direct from us, your questions will be answered personally.

If you got a pirated edition, we will forgive and forget–but of course, you will need to pay Grandpa at least 99€ (the cost of one of his books) for your complimentary consultation/mentoring. As a paying customer, you will get free goodies, bonus surprises, your doubts cleared up, good advice direct from grandpa, and much more.

If you wish to send payments by wire transfer, Western Union or similar cash transfer service, that is OK too. Contact us. We will forward required payment info.


Get this 99€ value book as a free bonus when you have read, approved & paid for The Second Passport Report.

The American Expatriation and Citizenship Renunciation Guide#1.

The American Expatriation & Citizenship Renunciation Guide

How to Divorce the U.S. Government (Or Any Other Big Brother Nation)

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PT Resource List by Grandpa and Others#2.

The valuable “Grandpa’s PT Resource List”

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Instant Digital Download NOW 99€ RISK-FREE

THe Second Passport Report

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For Beautiful Women More Money And
Other Good Things In Life,

For Beautiful Women, More Money And Other Good Things In Life

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