The Asset And Privacy Protection Secrets

Of The Super-Rich!“

Created By An Inner Circle Of
55 Multi-Millionaires

If you can meet the three

criteria spelled out below,

You too can achieve a life free of high-taxes, unjust lawsuits and “parasites“ trying to live off your hard work”


Location: On a sunny beach,
far, far away from the reach
of the greedy hands of Big Brother

Want to save money?

Narrow the focus…

This report gives you immediately useful, essential information, not available elsewhere.

With over 50 years in the biz, no one questions our “Grandpa’s” superior knowledge & expertise.

“Grandpa” is arguably The World’s Leading, #1 Expert on:

  • Residency
  • 2nd Passports
  • Renunciation and acquiring new Citizenship


If you value your privacy, your wealth, and your freedom, then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why: Recently, an underground society of 55 super-rich individuals was formed under the code name BBBB.

BBBB stands for – Bye Bye Big Brother.

This elite group of multi-millionaires hired the best people money can buy – international lawyers, consultants and financial whizzes to answer these questions:

  • ANONYMOUS COMMUNICATION – “I must communicate with people in such a way that nobody can prove (or even guess) where the message came from, and so nobody can monitor what I say or write. Nor should anyone ever be able to find the message, or any record of it, or be able to prove it came from me. How do I do it?“

  • ANONYMOUS BANKING AND ASSET PROTECTION “I want to protect my assets in such a way that nobody knows if they even exist, never mind where they came from or where they are now. Yet I want to have instant access at all times, and when I die, I want my assets to go to the people or good causes I have chosen without being taxed. How can I do this?“

  • DISAPPEARING – “I want to simply abandon my present life, start over, leave my troubles behind and resurface somewhere else with a new identity, new girlfriend, new everything. How do I do it?“

  • CHANGE LOCATION – Where can I move my existing business to get away from lawsuits? Over-regulation, union problems, taxes and all other problems?
    Is there anywhere without Big Brother restrictions on hiring and firing employees?“

  • DIVORCE – “My spouse has a new “friend” I suspect they will try to take me to the cleaners. Show me a strike-first strategy to ride out the coming storm. In other words, how can I get rid of my spouse and keep all my money?“

  • government problems –
    “I think I will be framed in a criminal tax case. What are my odds of winning? How can I negotiate a plea bargain? What should I do to prepare?“

  • jail term looming “What are my options? What should I do?“

  • FACING EXTRADITION – “Show me the ways to avoid extradition and rendition. How to survive, be free, prosper and live happily ever after in paradise?“

  • Sex LIFE “Even if I am past my sell-by date, show me the best ways and places to find attractive new partners. How can I get more love faster, more easily and without financial or health risks?”

  • second passports – Discover 37 different countries where you can still get second passports useful for identification, banking, and travel.

    22 countries where you can get grants, free land, no-strike guarantees, tax concessions, and other benefits.

  • BUYING A SECOND PASSPORT – The USA, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, and several other industrialized countries allow wealthy individuals to make passive (or active) investments and get on the fast track for residence and citizenship. The USA program hasn’t done so well because no one wants to be saddled with the most expensive passport in the world. But there are several ways to get a USA passport and then leave the country – all without being saddled with a lifetime of high taxes on your worldwide income. Discover how you can be a USA citizen, but not one for tax purposes.


BANKRUPT, BROKE, SIXTY-PLUS, NO WORK EXPERIENCE, NO DECENT REFERENCES. HOW CAN I LIVE LIKE A MILLIONAIRE ON MY CHARM ALONE?  This is a bonus question asked for those who qualify for these secrets. It took weeks of brainstorming for the multi-millionaires to agree about these almost bullet-proof ways to make money and live the jet set life without any prior knowledge or investment.

If you want to discover the NO-BS, take-no-prisoners answers to these questions, then I have good news.

After nine years of silence, this secret group of super-wealthy individuals has finally agreed to share their knowledge with the outside world – but only with those who qualify (I will show you the three crucial criteria in just a second).

The result is a notorious ‘black book’ called “Bye Bye Big Brother”. Inside, you will find precise answers from the best experts in the world on the topics covered above.

Plus, you’ll get answers to 86 other life-critical questions (I will reveal them in just a moment).

They hired me to write it.

If you have searched for answers to these questions yourself, then there is a chance you have already heard of me – Grandpa.

They call me Grandpa because I have been a dedicated PT (perpetual traveler; a person that doesn’t belong to any government) for over 50 years.

’Expat World’ magazine has pronounced me The Worthy Successor to Dr. W.G. Hill“ (again, if you are familiar with the topic, you know who Dr. W. G. Hill is – a best-selling expert on offshore living, banking and asset protection who became known as “The Millionaire’s Favorite Read” before his retirement).

I’m not saying that to brag, but to show you why you should listen to me if you are seeking a life totally free of any government interference, any system, and any bastard that wants to live like a parasite off of your hard work.

 I believe that you should be able to manage your money the way you want to… supporting those you want to support and cutting off those that don’t deserve it.

I also believe every smart man should protect himself against becoming “a victim of the system“ – locked up “behind bars“, losing his life, his freedom, and his dreams… just because some brain-dead bureaucrat accused him of breaking the law.

During the 50 years, I have been a PT, I’ve heard some horror stories of people who were innocent-like-a-baby ending up in jail – victims of the corrupt and greedy system.

You also deserve a good sex life in my opinion. Cheating on your wife might be a reason for her to divorce you, but not a reason for her to demand half of your hard-earned money.

A second passport is the way to go… unless you achieve total freedom from one government, you can’t call yourself a free man. As a high achiever, you are a target. A target of jealous people, a target of the government and a target of parasites who are living on others’ work.

All I am saying is that you should protect yourself.

Thank god if you never have to use your second identity or passport.

But if you have to, and you are not ready, then you’ll hate yourself for the rest of your life that you haven’t prepared when you could.

I am not a professional ad writer, and this book I am telling you about is not available for the masses, so there is no need for world-class advertising for this gem to sell out. All I can do is to give my best to show you man-to-man how you can protect yourself. If that sounds fair, please bear with me for a while.

With your permission, I will show you:

“The Book Millionaires Are Reading“


JO!N The PT Library – PT Club and the PT Refuge

PT Library - PT Club - PT Refuge

Bye Bye Big Brother is a comprehensive, totally legal strategy, that will enable any person of intelligence to instantly enjoy a life free of most taxes, litigation, kidnappers, con-men, bureaucrats, alimony-drones, and similar problems of the rich.

Let me show you a sneak-peek of what you are getting:

* Foreign Currency Arbitrage Programs (Invest-Loan) (Volume 2, Chapter 52) Do you know how anyone, regardless of credit history, can borrow money offshore at only 2% interest with no scheduled repayment date, then simultaneously reinvest it for 30% a year return elsewhere? Most probably not, because the rock-solid European banks routinely making such loans are not allowed to advertise these deals in your country. Big Brother calls this “investor protection.” We call it “protecting the cozy domestic banking cartel.”

*  How to legally (but without lawyers or accountants) completely avoid inheritance or estate taxes (Vol. 2, Chapter 53) What is this information alone worth to you? A lot, I am sure. Don’t let Big Brother get his hands on the fruits of your labors after your death. Make sure your heirs get 100% of what is rightfully theirs. By following the techniques outlined in Bye Bye Big Brother (especially Chapter 53) you will be able to ensure the prosperity of future generations or make sure the money goes to causes that YOU believe in.

*  Using nominee owners or straw men (references throughout the book, plus documents in the Downloads section). If you’ve heard of this, it might have sounded illegal or dangerous to you. That’s exactly what Big Brother wants you to think because it makes it harder for governments, ex-wives and other predators to identify, attack and sequester your assets. Fact: almost all multi-millionaires use this simple but effective privacy technique, legally better known as fiduciary or beneficial ownership. It’s totally legal and doesn’t require giving control over your assets.
  “It is more important and much safer to control wealth, rather than to own it in your own name. Contingent-fee lawyers or
government agencies won’t sue someone who seemingly has nothing tangible to grasp”, says Grandpa
. Discover how to arrange for a comfortable lifestyle while displaying apparent poverty to the Big Brother world.

*  Hide and secure your assets in a POT A POT (Protective Offshore Trust) to hold and hide your assets is a perfectly legal, tax-neutral, offshore structure. You may never have heard about it, but even nasty old O.J. Simpson used one. He lived well until he got himself in trouble a second time. Hard to believe he disposed of his ex-wife and still got custody of his kids because of trust arrangements that creditors could not touch. His POT legally survived a devastating civil lawsuit. And the money will be there waiting after he gets out of jail.

*  Trust granting documents (for which top international law firms routinely charge up to $40,000) are included FREE in the member’s downloads section of Bye Bye Big Brother. In fact, what lawyer would, in a million years, give you free “do-it-yourself“ forms and information on how to use them? But it is just part of our package deal.

* Second Passports for Privacy and Profit (Volume 3, pages 1-250) – Obtaining a second citizenship and passport is an effective way of breaking free from the shackles of your government. It’s like declaring independence. By obtaining a second passport you become a human multi-national, legally entitled to all those benefits that multi-national corporations play on every day. Bye Bye Big Brother includes over 250 printed pages on this subject. Volume 3 shows you how to dispense with lawyers and accountants for the most part.

* How to Set Up a Completely New Enterprise on the Internet. No Capital Required!
(Volume 2, Chapter 74) A unique business opportunity for the international thinker is explored in detail. You will learn how to roam the globe electronically and rake in profits anonymously, offshore, and tax-free, even while you sleep! The taxman will never bother you because this can be operated completely offshore and controlled via the Internet. The rest of this section on Portable Trades and Internet Opportunities also explores different business ideas suited to an international, offshore lifestyle. We tell you how to get into these businesses with zero capital.

* How to Get an Offshore Divorce and Make it Work (Volume 2, Chapter 71) You will learn which two Caribbean island nations have the most friendly divorce laws. Obtain the judgment you want, when you want it, for a fraction of the legal fees you might pay in your home country. Even more importantly, we tell you how to make these offshore judgments stick in other countries. We can refer you to reputable lawyers who can arrange your divorce within a few days, often without any need to travel!

* Change Your Name Legally – Putting your assets or doing business in a new name makes it much harder for them to be traced back to you. Changing your name is a simple legal process in most common law jurisdictions, including the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, etc. You will learn how you can legally change your name in any of these countries even if you don’t live there and are not a citizen. That way you can completely legally be known by different names in different jurisdictions. This simple, fast and cheap technique will create a nightmare of bureaucratic confusion for anyone trying to get their hands on you or your assets. You will be able to download absolutely free the necessary forms to change your name by mail from anywhere in the world, without having to pay expensive lawyers. And if for some reason, you need a court-ordered change of name, we can refer you to get it done quickly.

* Secure, Untraceable, Encrypted Communications (Volume 2, Chapters 44-47) Starting from a non-technical background, this section of Bye Bye Big Brother explains how you can simply and cheaply secure all your communications against snoops and eavesdroppers, as well as make your emails, phone calls and faxes untraceable. These essential privacy tactics are explored in detail. Plus: how to make your office portable (Volume 2, pages 337-347) We recommend two very effective Internet privacy services you can sign up with for an under a dollar a day.

* Advantages of Using Small Corrupt Countries as Business Bases (Volume 3, page 141) Money talks everywhere. But corruption is cheaper in smaller countries. Learn how, with a little effort you can become a big fish in a small pond and benefit from protection, tax exemption and perhaps even diplomatic status.

* What to do (and What Not to Do) if you are interviewed by Government Agents (Volume 2, page 41) Government agents use an incredible and little-known technique to entrap people during interviews. This was the downfall of lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. But forewarned is forearmed. We tell you one specific precaution you must take to protect yourself. There is one document you can easily carry in your wallet which will legally protect you from this nasty technique.

* Secret Safe Deposit Boxes in Europe (Volume 2, Chapter 54) Everyone has documents and possessions that are nobody else’s business. We tell you the only place in Europe (probably the only place in the world) where you can legally rent a secure safe totally anonymously. It’s in Austria. Also, you will learn the lowdown on safe technology, why it’s important to have a blank key and which banks have blank keys, etc.

Each one of the above secrets alone can save you from huge problems when times go bad. Offers like these are rarely publicly available. And since we know that if too many people take us up on it, the waters will be muddied and Big Brother will change the rules, only 500 memberships will be sold.

If you want to discover the NO-BS, take-no-prisoners answers to these questions, then I have good news.

If you have searched for answers to these questions yourself, then there is a chance you have already heard of me – Grandpa.

They call me Grandpa because I have been a dedicated PT (perpetual traveler; a person that doesn’t belong to any government) for over 50 years.

Before You Order, There Is One Catch!

We have produced copies of this notorious book for ourselves, our friends and families.

In total, there were only 500 copies produced.

“Because this info is too powerful for the masses, you’ll have to meet the three qualifications before you are allowed to buy the book.”

This is just to protect the value of the information in Bye Bye Big Brother and to keep it exclusive to those that have realized the value of freedom.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Check if you qualify, and order immediately before this limited edition of Bye Bye Big Brother is gone.

Red Alert

It’s PANIC time.

USA, EU, and many other countries are introducing chip passports… another strike to your privacy.

Cell phones today can easily track your movement to within a foot and draw a precise chart back to one year ago.

There are more kidnappers, “Americanized“ housewives demanding a divorce and half of everything you have earned, taxmen and laws that are feeding the bureaucrats off your hard work…

The BBBB team has solved these issues.

Bye Bye Big Brother is written from a non-censored environment – completely offshore.

And that makes it one-of-a-kind.

If you want no-BS advice on how to legally enjoy a free life, then you should order BBBB now.


Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Some Years Ago
All Names And Locations Have Been Changed


Story #1 – Jason Brady

Like most people accused of tax fraud, “Jason Brady” never figured being accused of any crime. So imagine Jason’s surprise when one morning a high-powered light come through his windows. In a split second he heard sirens, his doors being smashed and a strong, and directive voice commanding:


A big, armed guy arrested Jason cuffing him in front of his wife and kids. A crowd of neighbors gathered on his front lawn to watch. The local TV station had been invited by the  Feds. A spokesperson said:

Jason Brady has been charged with Felony Tax Fraud.

“I always thought that Jason was a crook,” said one of his neighbors on TV…

Then Jason said to the 6 o’clock newslady: “How could I ever be arrested for tax fraud? I am a straight arrow— an Eagle Scout. I pay more than my share and am glad to be able to do it.” Then they dragged him away into a waiting unmarked car.

Taxes were just a cost of doing business for Jason. He felt he should pay tax on his income and he always declared every penny of his income honestly.

He was taken away to the County Jail to await arraignment. A magistrate would set bail and then he would be set free to hire a lawyer to defend himself in Federal Court.



Five years earlier, Jason had received his biggest ever commission check from “Maurice” for arranging a loan. Jason noticed that the check stub referred to “reimbursement for expenses” rather than a “broker’s commission.” But he paid no attention. He cashed the check, reported the commission, paid his taxes, and moved on to the next deal. Jason thought to himself, that crumb Maurice could call it “dog food expenses” if he wanted to. The only important thing for Jason was that he had been working on the deal for months, and finally, he was getting paid.


In the intervening years, Jason acquired an expensive waterfront home, a trophy wife, and three kids. The wife was a big spender, but what the heck, he thought – Jason was now grossing a million a year and his net after taxes was more than he had ever dreamed of making.

The day before his arrest, Jason was mildly surprised to see his old friend Maurice on TV — the one who had handed him his first big commission. Maurice was being investigated for making improper political donations. But Jason paid little attention. He had never seen or talked to Maurice after that one big deal. He didn’t like Maurice whom he considered an unethical person. Maurice said that all charges against him were being dismissed.


Jason was charged with 18 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud, conspiracy, and interstate transport of a fraudulently obtained check!

Jason’s lawyer explained that Maurice had written “expenses” on the check stub instead of “broker’s commission” – in order to claim a faster tax write-off for himself! Accused in another unrelated matter, Maurice had worked out a deal with the prosecutors. He would walk free if he threw the Feds some other fish to fry. Thus, Maurice had accused Jason of conspiring with him to defraud the IRS. Jason couldn’t understand the crime he was charged with. He got no benefit from Maurice’s misdescribing the commission.

On his own tax return, Jason described it correctly and paid the full taxes due. But his lawyer explained that a jury could believe Maurice’s fraud was Jason’s idea. Then Jason could end up doing at least five years jail time for “conspiracy.” He suggested a plea bargain and an expression of remorse.

Jason’s wife couldn’t stand the “shame of the arrest and TV coverage,” so she filed for divorce at once. Her golf pro was very happy to offer sympathy and a place for her & the kids to stay. She told Jason, “I gotta move on with my life.” Jason signed over the family home to the Government as security in lieu of bail — for his later court appearance.

All Jason’s bank accounts and property had been frozen by order of the government on the day he was arrested. The prosecution seized his assets in a civil forfeiture. The Feds didn’t  need to ‘prove’ anything. They made a claim of $5 Million against him—pretty much out of thin air.

Jason tried to hire a top criminal defense attorney. But with no money available to pay the $50,000 retainer asked of him, Jason couldn’t get the lawyer to take the case.

After months of heartache, with no job, no wife, no home and no money, the case eventually came to trial with a public defender. Jason got 10 years and was ordered to pay a $5 million judgment before he could be released.. Part was for taxes due; the rest was for fines. 3% per month interest would be due, plus penalties.  When he got out of jail, he would face a civil contempt charge and if unable to pay, Jason would go back to jail. In any event, he would be broke. There was no light at the end of the tunnel except for an oncoming train! Jason was off to “Club Fed” – the nickname given to Federal Prison Camps for White Collar Criminals…

But, Jason had done one thing right, earlier …

He had a secret weapon…

…something like a “get out of jail free card.” In less than a year, Jason was released. His entire debt was written off by the government.

Jason was Prepared Thoroughly.

Most people in his position would have languished in jail for years and emerged broken in spirit and reduced to despair. But not Jason. Want to discover how he made his comeback? And how you can also ensure your future? Pay special attention to Chapter 3 of Bye Bye Big Brother.

And that’s just one horrible story…

Bye Bye Big Brother can save you from having this happen to you.

another story…

A Story of A Sweet, Sweet Monster

David owned an insurance company. His net worth was $29 million.

That success had its perks, so he married this gorgeous, smoking-hot, busty blonde. When he would take her out for dinner, everyone would jealously watch him. The same when he introduced her to his colleagues and business associates.

One day, that sweet lady asked him for a divorce.

And she wanted half of all his money.

Plus, she wanted alimony.

Plus, she wanted custody of their cute, three-year-old daughter, Jessica.

To give her that, David would have to sell his company and ruin his business and his life’s work. But David was a PT. David was prepared. David was a friend of one of the entrepreneurs behind BBBB.

Instead of losing his business and a big share of his assets, and turning his life into a disaster, using a little trick
you’ll learn in chapter 19, David made his company the property of an offshore company (which he owns, by the way!).

His wife maxed-out all his credit cards took all his cash and hired a nasty lawyer to represent her. The lawyer used a famous investigator to discover all of David’s assets. Here’s what they found:

A house – value $3,949,000 – mortgaged at $3,590,000

A car – property of a leasing company

A company – not in his possession

After paying that expensive lawyer, his wife ended up with almost nothing. But here comes the best part. She was a housewife. She had nothing and he was employed as the CEO of an insurance company which was the property of the offshore company. He had a good job, so he could provide a better life for his daughter.

Plus, with help of his BBBB friend, he had a respected politician vouch for his excellent background. So, he got Jessica, too.

Case closed.

Imagine what would have happened to him if he had been an ordinary, unprepared guy. A total disaster. No business, no money, no kid, no wife. By being smart, he legally avoided all that.

Are you prepared? If not, Chapter 10 will show you how to do it.

Listen, “Bye Bye Big Brother“ comes as a three-volume, hardcover, leather-bound treasure chest of secret knowledge that was (until now) available only to the super-rich (and extremely well-connected). It is the no-BS, detailed, precise info. The only one of its kind – written completely offshore (with no censorship whatsoever).

So What The Hell Is “Bye Bye Big Brother“

Since its formation in June 1999, the BBBB team started sharing and developing within its inner-circle the most powerful asset and privacy protection strategies.

Each question, each topic was answered in terms of a special report written by me, Grandpa, and created after expensive consultations with top international lawyers, PTs, mastermind accountants, bankers, and others whose advice they needed to get precise answers to the questions.

In total there are 98 reports. To get an answer to each question, the BBBB inner circle spent an average of $9,110.

That means 98 x $9,110 = $892,780.

For the answer in Chapter 33 alone, we spent $43,500 – and it is worth every penny of it. It will show you our secret, never-before-revealed “Chameleon Approach“ (I cannot even speak about it here).

The total value of Bye Bye Big Brother is way more than that of any other offshore-related book currently on the market. And here comes the best part…

I am about to make a too-good-to-refuse bargain…

The entire 3-volumes of this underground black book “Bye Bye Big Brother“ can be yours for €497 + 50€ for shipping and handling (courier delivery).

This is a ridiculously low price for your protection, your safety, and your “plan B“ for the times you’ll need it. In reality, if you apply just one concept out of the 98 concepts covered in these 781 pages, you will recoup your investment at least ten-fold. If you apply the concepts and one day find yourself needing them, they become priceless.

This Is NOT For Everybody.
Check If You Qualify!

This information is too powerful for the masses. To ensure these concepts will reach the right hands, you must qualify by meeting these three criteria:

1.   You Have Something Valuable To Protect – Whether it’s your freedom, your money or your lifestyle… Bye Bye Big Brother is not for the man who is relying on the government to solve all his problems. BBBB is a getaway system for problems caused by government. A way to opt out quickly, simply and legally.

2.   You Must Keep What You Learn For-Your-Eyes-Only Confidential
This is a blueprint to personal and financial freedom. It is not for everyone. Some people do best as part of the mass, doing what they are told and being controlled by others.
Sharing this info and making it widely available would only create widespread confusion. Most people can’t handle freedom.
If you want to order, you must agree to keep this info to yourself and your closest circle of trusted people.

3.   You Must Reserve Your Copy Immediately As I said, this will be a lightning-fast sellout. There are about 200 books left and the first 500 were gone within 72 hours. We won’t print another batch. So, if you want to get your hands on this explosively-powerful privacy protection blueprint,

How To Order

If you meet the three criteria above – congratulations. You have a chance to kiss your Big Brother goodbye.

If you’d like to say “Bye Bye Big Brother“ and grab a copy for yourself,

I urge you to order now because even a delay of a few days could mean you are locked out. Once we hit the 500 mark, we will shut the doors for good. Orders will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. To make sure you don’t miss out, go ahead and….

GET Bye Bye Big Brother RISK FREE

A deluxe edition of 3 hard-copy, Leatherette bound volumes NOW 500€ RISK-FREE

Mind-Blowing Bonuses For FREE!

Bye Bye Big Brother The Black Books Leather Bound signedEven though Bye Bye Big Brother is probably the most valuable system for privacy and freedom protection, and even though it is worth at least ten times its price, I want to give you some extra motivation by giving away these amazing bonuses.

GET Bye Bye Big Brother RISK FREE A deluxe edition of 3 hard-copy, Leatherette bound volumes  SOLD OUT





Want to save money?

Narrow the focus…

This report gives you immediately useful, essential information, not available elsewhere.

With over 50 years in the biz, no one questions our “Grandpa’s” superior knowledge & expertise.

“Grandpa” is arguably The World’s Leading, #1 Expert on:

  • Residency
  • 2nd Passports
  • Renunciation and acquiring new Citizenship




ESCAPE 1984 Bye Bye Big Brother PTbooksDoes the source where you seek good advice have real experience and knowledge, or is he/she just another fraud or copycat stealing the ideas of others? Or worse yet, just making stuff up as they go along?

Doubtless, his slim volume will be imitated by the usual crowd of plagiarists. As they have never walked the walk, their advice will be mostly worthless. Unlike our imitators, your author Grandpa has been writing similar books and advising hundreds of clients for the last 5 decades. He has personally been through the wringer a few times & has emerged clean and dry and alive.

Fifty years of helping consulting clients successfully work through their problems have taught us a few things. We will be passing on this information to you here… Every paid-up reader who bought this & who needs additional personal help can get a short, personal E-mail consultation from Grandpa.

Fugitives have special problems. Now it is time to realize that in these times of universal surveillance, arbitrary arrests, kidnaps, special renditions, torture, prosecutions and even killings of citizens without trial, the rest of us share the same problems as fugitives. We must all learn to shield ourselves from Big Brother governments . . .




JO!N The PT Library – PT Club and the PT Refuge

PT Library - PT Club - PT Refuge


For Beautiful Women More Money And
Other Good Things In Life,

For Beautiful Women More Money And Other Good Things In Life,