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27/10/2020 21:15  

PTs I know have lived up to 60 years in the EU without officialdom having any record of their existence.

It is even legal to be technically "only a tourist"  if one leaves now and then and stays elsewhere for 3 months before returning...

But no PT bothers with this as nobody really looks or cares...

Technically U can only stay in the EU for 90 days, but for now, anyway, nobody cares about foreigners living in the EU with the USA or other respectable passports.

Unlike the USA there is no such thing here as the dreaded "Migra" that rounds up illegal immigrants and ships them into Central Mexico.


Staying under the radar ANYWHERE & not flaunting it is the essence of the PT life & philosophy.

Of course, if you have a regular job teaching in a State Uni, WORKING IN A HOURLY WAGE JOB,  or otherwise, you can’t be a PT.

If your kid has an invisible income, the "how to do it"  is all spelled out in the PT & BBBB books.

Basically, you don't register anywhere & don't even have your name on any mailboxes or doorbells.

You have your bank accts & credit cards--Keep all that stuff all in a different country as a "non-resident."

A country can't tax a non-resident with no assets!

The other country in many cases can be across the street.

If you have a car that is also to be registered in a different country.

When you get a little richer say over $75,000 a year, a tax haven residence like Campione or Monaco becomes feasible.


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