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[Sticky] How to add an image and video into your post

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The minimum number of posts to be able to attach files in your post is 10 posts.

How to attach files to your post

How to post an image, there are two ways to post images on the PT forum:
1. Click in your post where the image should be located. Click the > Choose file button > in the post editor. Select the file you want to post. The file can be up to 5MB.

2. Use an online image hosting service, it is a very easy and simple solution for the less tech-savvy PTs is to use online services such as

Just copy and paste the link into the post where you want the image to show and the image should appear, just like magic! 

Having trouble uploading images? They are probably too large. If you are trying to upload a photo directly without modification, it's probably going to be too big.

How To Compress or Resize Images  
There are many free and no signup services where you can compress or resize images online, one such is and another is

We recommend you use PNG file extension and keep the size of the image as:
With 600 px
Hight between 300-600 px for the best result on the PT forum.

How to embed videos in your posts

All you need to do is copy the YouTube URL and paste it into your post. The forum software will magically transform it into an embedded video for you. Just copy and paste.

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