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[Sticky] What are Your thoughts on the PT “Perpetual Traveller”?

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"Perpetual Traveler"

The ultimate way to avoid government control of your life and your property is to become invisible. Ideally, you should never "belong" to anyone's government. Big Brother should never know who you are, where you live, how you make your money, where you keep your assets, and perhaps most important, where you like to "play."
The philosophy behind these ideals is to become a "PT," that is, a Perpetual Tourist, Parked Temporarily, a Prior Taxpayer who is now a Possibility Thinker and Prepared Thoroughly for the future. To succeed as a PT, you will compartmentalize your life under these FIVE FLAGS:
  1. Passport and Citizenship. Any country is unconcerned about the activities of its offshore citizens. Definitely NOT your present home country.
  2. Business Base. Places where you actually make your money. Again, different from your personal fiscal domicile.
  3. Domicile. A tax haven with good communication where wealthy, productive people can be creative and enjoy prosperity with bank secrecy and little threat of social unrest
  4. Asset Haven. A place from which assets, securities, and business affairs can be managed anonymously, by proxy.
  5. Playgrounds. Places where you actually spend your time enjoying life to the fullest.
Over 400 pages of possibilities to raise your own Flags and become a PT. Multi-millionaire author, Dr. W.G. Hill, details with fascinating case histories and personal anecdotes how he has made-and keeps-both his freedom and his money.



Reviews and Ratings of W.G. Hills previous works


A person must understand what this book is. Much of the details in this book are outdated. But in 1985 when this book was first offered, it was groundbreaking. Very, very few people had ever heard of a multiple flag theory, W.G. Hill, Harry Schultz, Gary A. Scott, William Bonner or anyone else in the international lifestyle movement. This book brought this concept to tens of thousands during publication and maybe millions after publication. The book was brought to my attention in 1992.

It is not important that everyone that reads this book or the current versions of books or websites, move from their country of birth and becomes a PT. What is important is that they open their minds to new possibilities. It is important that people see the mistakes of their government; the intentional rescinding of individual freedoms and change those mistakes. But for those that do not believe that change is possible or worth the effort, a person can leave for places afar and in an organized manor. Choice is also freedom.

Yes, a person should read up-to-date information. But this book is history. More people open bank accounts offshore, create cash flows that only they control, create International Business Companies, move to new countries, gain second passports and relinquish citizenship of their birth or home nation every year. All of those people know of this book; whether they own it or not. All of those people know the term, PT.

Scope International Limited seems to be out of business. Was W.G. Hill a person or a group of editors? It does not matter. The PT theory is worldwide and more popular then ever. Purchase this book while you can. Treat it with great care. Its historical significance increases with each year and with each government decision.

This is THE book that started 'it' for me. My wealth habits, goal setting, international travel, etc. I've read and re-read it about half a dozen times over the past 18 years and cannot recommend the book enough. See also Harry Browne's Freedom in an Unfree World.

This has the basic info to aid you in your first step towards financial and personal freedom. The details are sparse (as the info frequently changes) but the road is clearly outlined.

Great manual and roadmap to starting over or getting out of dodge. It may be a lil dated but the principles are timeless. A true must have for those who want to be more prepared for things to come..

I didn't realize that this version was written in 1987, before the internet and before smart phones. Still some good information but a later version, if available, would have been much better. As I recall, this was the only book available at the time of purchase.





“The Millionaire’s Favorite Read”





Here are some questions you can use to note your thoughts while reading and answer below when finished reading the PT “Perpetual Traveler”.

  1. What makes you think the PT “Perpetual Traveler” is going to be interesting?
  2. Why do you think "Dr. W.G. Hill," wrote the PT “Perpetual Traveler”?
  3. Something you liked about it.
  4. Something you disliked about it.
  5. How did reading it change you, or your views?
  6. What would you say to persuade a friend to read it or not to read it?
  7. Summarise it in one written sentence.
  8. What was your favorite part of the PT “Perpetual Traveler”? Why?
  9. What was the most interesting thing you learned from the PT “Perpetual Traveler”?
  10. If you could change one thing in the PT “Perpetual Traveler”, what would it be?
  11. How might you have written it differently?
  12. Does the PT “Perpetual Traveler” remind you of anything else you’ve already read or seen?
  13. Was there any mind-blowing piece of information you hadn't thought of before that you think you can use?
  14. Did the PT “Perpetual Traveler” change your opinion or perspective about anything?
  15. Do you feel different now than you did before you read it?
  16. What feedback would you give "Dr. W.G. Hill"?
If you have suggestions to streamline these questions for this specific PT report, please post them in the Suggestions and Criticism threat with reference to this specific PT report, as questions are not "one size fits all"!

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