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[Sticky] Suggestions and Criticism - What (or how) can we do better?

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 Importance of user involvement during the Process of PTclub forum Development!  

Throughout the years, PTs around the globe have been asking us "why in the PT Big Brother Free World we do not have a PT community or discussion board online" where PTs can exchange ideas and other information?

Well, there are many expats communities and forums for PTs (and other people) where to hang out and share ideas.

We finally accepted the idea and will give it a try - but, we are not trying to replace already established communities or forums and we do not expect this forum to become anything less successful than it users will make it be.


The easiest way to improve is to get suggestions from other PTs!

If you have suggestions for a new forum or other features, post them in this forum topic. 

If there is anything regarding this forum bothering you, perhaps we might be able to make adjustments!

PS. As our PT community grows, it is impossible for us to keep an eye on everything that happens in our PT community and we might need helping hand ones in a while. If you are interested to become a forum moderator, send us a PM or contact us through our CONTACT US PAGE and list your qualities and tell us why we should pick you.

(We have seen Idol, we do not require you to know how to sing but, if you would not pass through Simons 10 seconds tolerance, please, don't waste your time!)


Happy posting!


!!– We have a low tolerance for abusive behavior!

We’ll ban anyone that is anything less than polite. –!!