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Precious Metals? As a practical matter, when you buy gold coins you pay a 3-5% premium and when you sell you do so at a 3-5% discount. It is not so easy to “make money” when you need the product to go up 6-10% just to break even. Is this the top of the market? I don’t know, but when prices are at all time highs, it is not generally the best time to buy.

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Panama’s National Assembly recently passed “Resolution 52.” The intent of the resolution was supposedly to ensure that the government will collect taxes on transient rental income…Except that’s not what the law said. What Resolution 52 actually did is make it illegal for anyone to rent his/her property for a period of less than one year. The justification was that if you don´t let transients compete for housing, there will be more apartments for the masses.

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