Who Should Read BBBB or Use Grandpa’s Consulting Services?

Who Should Read BBBB or Use Grandpa’s Consulting Services?


One client wrote me an e-mail “I have some very serious tax, divorce & other problems.

Tell me if it is worth paying you €15,000;

Will your assistance and advice be worth more than that to me?

Grandpa’s Answer:

I am not sure If I can help you, but if you will tell me your problems in detail, & assuming you  have  read Bye Bye Big Brother and need clarification of the ideas there…

I will give you my honest opinion…..

No charge! versus a personal conference,

That saves you €15,000 in a hurry.


And maybe you’ll get a little additional free advice too.

If you feel your questions are too sensitive for Gmail,

I suggest you
get yourself a free address at <hushmail.com> .

Make up a pseudo-name
 for hushmail then contact me.

I can start a file and keep track of what we discuss.

I will then give you my hushmail address.

I would not trust my life to this hush mail service,  but it is a bit more confidential than ordinary E-Mail. question:  OK. So you say “read my book and you will give more info for free.

That seems like a good deal. What do you say to a prospective client?

I just wrote a prospective client today. Here is what I wrote

…. Am not sure  this answer is relevant to your situation. Obviously, from my books you can judge if my experiences will be helpful in resolving your own present problems. My answer is always


I will have room for only 2 more people in 2014 as a full service consulting clients. But maybe you don’t need anything except for the BBB book! 

Here we go: Before I “invented” the PT concept to deal with my own problems, I (Grandpa) went thru 5 messy domestic relations  cases (I.E. divorces or equivalent) of which 4 involved beloved kid(s), plus serious amounts of property, money.  Tax stuff was also involved.

Thus I am in a unique position to give you  guidance.

U probably will need to steer yourself out of those stormy waters.

One ex-wife of mine had exactly $3000 a month awarded to her for Alimony and child support.

That was 35 years ago when that was serious money. Add a zero or two for today’s equivalent. Read the book. If you have more questions,

Write me for a personal answer at <From.Grandpa@gmail.com> for a composite account of my experiences…

You’ll see how PT Tactics got me off the hook.

Bottom line? I was only got stuck for  attorney’s fees.

With what I know now, even they could   have been avoided by my moving abroad sooner.

I never paid the ex-wife a dime, though I did voluntarily pay  child support.

Not because any Judge ordered me to pay 150% of my income or go to jail,  I paid child support of what I felt was really needed. 
In the end I settled all my ex-wives claims for near zero, Claims of the IRS ? Settled too
– for near zero.

 In 4 out of 4 of my  divorce cases,

I eventually got to see my kids during summer & winter vacations . In 2 cases, my kids as teen-agers actually moved in with me (in a foreign country). Not only that, I am now on good terms with all the ex-wives (most of whom  found another sucker to marry & support them!)

While I can’t guaranty you the same results, the fact is that

 Once your whereabouts & assets are abroad & unknown to your adversaries, they will need to either settle on your terms, or forget about you. So when you are a PT with a few “Flags” it is a matter of  patience & negotiation.

Settling everything on a favourable basis may involve a lot of Skype conversations (with me) & possibly some personal encounters…Once my fee is paid, you can talk with me any time as much as you want –within reason, of course.

 Just as a specialist MD can’t normally afford to treat a major problem for free, I must tell you that my standard personal consulting deal for 2 years (extended at no extra charge if & when needed) is 15,000€.

It has been the same for over 10 years. I would like to service my people for free, but I have discovered that “free advice is thought to be worth what is paid for it.”

So I offer what I think is a bargain rate. It’s about 5% of what a lawyer with similar qualifications to mine would charge. 

I am open to trades, but it does not appear you have much to
 trade at the moment. Of course, some of the business ideas and contact I give my clients could — after a few 
deals by you, more than pay you back  my €15k fee.

I have the feeling that one way or another, you will either make or save a lot more than my
fee. You shouldn’t in future, need any other lawyers, accountants, etc.

The  vast majority of my consulting clients, one way or another, with my help,
 are able to either make more, or save more than my fee. Plus you may get some very valuable introductions to people who  can assist you in various ways … Another bonus is immediate “membership” in my
”PT Refuge” discussion group on the Net. There you can ask  any questions about life & your problems as a PT. You will get many viewpoints, a lot of BS, and hopefully contacts and stuff you can use!

Another advantage is that I can and will save you from all the crooks, con-men and useless Gurus and products on the NET.

 You will get unlimited contact with me,+ all my books and writings relevant to your divorce or Biz  deals at no extra charge.

I am pretty sure, that like all my clients and ex-clients you will be well pleased.
 After my  fee is paid, I don’t charge any extras or try to sell you anything else. Obviously, if you want me to fly to some-place
  that I would not normally go–you would have to cover my expenses.

If you are diffident, we can have a €1000 preliminary personal conference.

This €1K fee can be deducted from the €15K if you decide to go ahead later.

Sorry for the sales pitch. Obviously I can’t get involved in personally & fully 
resolving every reader’s serious problems without compensation for my time. Read the Book first. You can doubtless muddle though any situation & “do it yourself.”

But IMO,  having a mentor who has been 
thru a similar wringer several times, and who eventually figured out how to extricate himself (or clients) from similar problems cud be valuable. By way of credentials, I am a graduate of Wharton Biz School,  admitted to the Bar in several USA states after attending Harvard Law and other law schools in the USA, France & Italy. I have lived & invested abroad in 35 countries for over 35 years.

Yet despite having studied accounting & law, I dislike lawyers and accountants .

I do not recommend tying yourself to them. Their goal is to keep you as a paying client, not to set you free, as a P.T.

I feel  that most people should avoid  lawyers and accountants in most situations. Corporations, foundations, “structures,” and trusts they foist on you  IMO are only useful when you have a visible income or going business that generates personal liability.

That’s it for now. Happy to set up an appointment with you at a time and place of mutual convenience by  e-mail, Skype or Viber.
 But only after you have read Bye Bye Big Brother.

Grandpa <From.Grandpa@gmail.com>

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