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 I see absolutely no reason for any intelligent person to be involved with giving other people like lawyers, accountants or trustees ANY knowledge or control of their financial affairs. Period.

You can get their usually bad advice by going to see them and asking questions as “Mr. Smith”

More often than not except in very special cases like holding titles to property in the name of straw-men, using others to really control your assets results ends in disaster — because their inevitable problems or those of other of their clients related to tax collectors and regulators become YOUR problems.

Maybe if you want to leverage your assets, you will need to give up some control to an outfit like Jyske, but if you can afford to run your affairs without credit/borrowing, that is the best way. Borrowing can be a path to disaster.

There is a lot more to my thoughts, but in a short memo like this, and considering it is cheap advice, perhaps worth only what you pay for it, no more time & no place to get into personal details.

Hope it is helpful to you in going forward. Get plenty of advice and get to know what your options and risks really are.

Post your comments, thoughts, related personal experiences, corrections or questions below.

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